0210-Living a Consecrated Life 活出分别为圣的生命

Living a consecrated life is one which is set apart for the Lord in holiness just as the Lord is holy. It covers every aspect of our life; in the area of a life partner, managing our wealth, assets, our gifts, and our careers. It is a life that we choose to live for God and this lifestyle causes us to always seek the Lord for His will and direction for our lives. Our priorities should be the Lord’s will first, then family interest, personal health, position in the company and remuneration, in this particular order.It can be challenging for our flesh to live out a consecrated life because we need to bring our flesh into submission to the spirit. The flesh would want to do our own things whereas the Spirit of God would want us to walk in His will. We will come to a situation where we will not do what we like but what is right in God’s eyes and plan. Although righteousness is imputed to us, sanctification and consecration are a lifelong process. This is something that all Christians should be doing or living out. It is not impossible as God has made it possible through the Spirit of God living in us. Yet, there are hindrances to living out a consecrated life. These include our pride, lack of faith in God such as fear of the unknown, loss of control of our lives and being unsure of the character or the goodness of God.

Jesus sets an example to show us how we should pray to be in God’s will and have His leading in every major decision we make in life. When Jesus prayed, He did not pray to receive anything from the Father but about becoming the sin sacrifice for the world. This is the only prayer in all of Jesus’ prayers recorded where it mentioned “If it is your will”. Jesus was praying about the will of God for His life when He said, “Nevertheless not my will, but as You will”. A prayer of consecration is a prayer seeking the will of God for our lives.

Matthew 26:42 (NKJV) Again, a second time, He went away and prayed, saying, “O My Father, if this cup cannot pass away from Me unless I drink it, Your will be done.”

We will have to submit to God when the answer to the prayer of consecration is not what He has in mind for us. It is a form of protection. It is dying to our flesh to not do what we want or like but what His plan for us is. Jesus submitted to the will of the Father when He knew that’s what He was supposed to do!

John 6:38 (NKJV) For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me.

Living a consecrated life is a choice. When we learn to walk in His will by surrendering ourselves to Him, we find ourselves living a life with joy, satisfaction of the soul and contentment of the spirit.

Sermon Series: Experiencing God – Is Our Faith in God Still Relevant Today


活出分别为圣的生命,就是把我们的生命为神的圣洁而分别出来,正如神是圣洁的。 它涵盖了我们生活的方方面面; 包括生命中的另一半, 管理我们的财富, 资产, 我们的恩赐和我们的职业。我们选择为神而活,这种生活方式让我们永远寻求祂对我们生命的旨意和方向。我们优先考虑的应该是主的旨意,然后是家庭利益、个人健康、在公司的职位和薪酬,按照这个特定的顺序。

对我们来说,让我们的肉体活出分别为圣的生命是很有挑战的,因为我们需要将我们的肉体顺服于灵。 肉体想要为所欲为, 而神的灵则期望我们行在祂的旨意里。我们将会进入这样的处境, 我们不再做我们喜欢的, 而是按神的计划去做神眼中看为对的事。 虽然神算我们为义, 但成圣是一个终身的过程。 需要所有基督徒去行出和活出, 这并非不可能, 因为神通过住在我们里面的圣灵使这成为可能。 然而, 活出圣洁的生命的确有很多阻碍,其中包括我们的骄傲, 对神的缺乏信心, 例如对未知事物及对失去掌控我们生活的的恐惧,对神的品格或良善的不确定。

主耶稣树立了榜样, 向我们展示我们应该如何祷告行在神的旨意里, 在我们生活中的每个重大决定中祈求神的带领。 当主耶稣祷告时, 祂并没有祈求从天父那里得到任何东西,而是祈求为世人成为赎罪祭。 这是有记载的主耶稣祈祷中唯一提到”若是祢的意旨”。 主耶稣祷告的内容是神对祂生命的旨意, 祂说, “不要照我的意思,只要照你的意思”。 分别为圣的祷告就是寻求神对我们生命的旨意的祷告

马太福音26:42 第二次又去祷告说:“我父啊,这杯若不能离开我,必要我喝,就愿你的意旨成全。”

当成圣的祷告得到的回应说: 该祷告并不是神的心意时, 我们务必顺服于神。 这是一种保护形式, 是要治死我们的肉体,不做我们想做或喜欢做的事,而只做神的旨意所要我们做的。 当主耶稣知晓了祂当做的, 祂就顺服于天父的旨意。

约翰福音 6:38 因为我从天上降下来,不是要按自己的意思行,乃是要按那差我来者的意思行。

活出分别为圣的生命是一种选择。当我们藉着降服于神而学习遵行他的旨意时, 我们就会发现我们活出的生命充满了喜乐、灵与魂都得满足。

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