0207-Passing the Test 通过考验

What does it look like when we trust in the living God?1 Timothy 6:18-19(NKJV) Let them do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to give, willing to share, storing up for themselves a good foundation for the time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal life.

Why does God ask those who have wealth to be rich in good works, ready to give and share? While God doesn’t tempt us, He will definitely TEST US especially on things that have become very close to our hearts.

Do you remember God asking Abraham to sacrifice Isaac on the altar on Mount Moriah? Well, of course Abraham’s willingness also paved the way for God to send forth His Son as the Messiah to be offered at Golgotha. The reason was to TEST Abraham to see if he was willing to give up Isaac who was a son of his old age with Sarah. Abraham had to be willing to place Isaac on the altar so that God would be able to return Isaac to him after he showed his willingness. He did so and God returned Isaac to Abraham.

God will test our hearts especially in the area of finances or money. It is more of a revelation regarding what is still a stronghold in our lives! This is especially true for the wealthy and the poor when money is a stronghold in their lives. In fact, God challenges us to give 10% tithes to TEST HIM whether He will bless us in return. Tithing is also a revelation to see if we are able to part with our 10%! If we cannot part with RMB1000 when we earn RMB10 000, then it will very difficult for us to part with RMB10 000 when we earn RMB100 000 monthly. Then your god is still money!

The only way to be able to pass the test is through GIVING! It will keep us in check to ensure that we will not find it challenging to part with the money that God has given us or that money has slowly become an idol in our lives.

Proverbs 19:17 (NKJV) He who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord, And He will pay back what he has given.

Truly we are lending to the Lord when we give to the poor because God’s heart is for them.

We need to be able to see that we are stewards of God’s money and Good Samaritans whom God has placed on this earth. He would want us to do what He would have done if Jesus was still walking on earth today.

It would be wrong for ICS to be self-serving with the money that God has provided for us as a church without looking after the poor. Praise the Lord that this is not the case because we give more than 25% to Good Works and Good News. Recently, giving to the church has decreased because we haven’t been able to congregate physically at Marriott hotel, but it hasn’t stopped ICS from giving a total of RMB 772K to help the poor and needy in China and the humanitarian aid to those in Israel this year. One of the reasons why many churches are not giving more than 10% to missions is due to the lack of finances. And some of the reasons why churches are lacking finances are the fear of man and the lack of teaching on tithing and free will offering.

Do you know that it is never God’s will for anyone to be in lack including the poor?

Sermon Series – Balancing Godliness and Riches (Part 2)






神会测试我们的心,特别是在财务或金钱方面。它更多的是揭示了什么仍然是我们生命中的营垒! 对于富人和穷人来说,当金钱是他们生命的营垒时尤其如此。事实上,神挑战我们献出十分之一来试试祂是否会以祝福我们作为回报。什一奉献也是一个启示,看我们是否能放弃我们的10%! 如果我们在赚1万元的时候不能拿出1000元,那么月赚10万元时,我们也很难拿出1万元。那么你依然是以金钱为神(偶像)!


箴言19:17 怜悯贫穷的,就是借给耶和华;他的善行,耶和华必偿还。





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