0130-Pierced with Many Sorrows 被许多愁苦刺透

1 Timothy 6:10 (NKJV) For the LOVE of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. (emphasis added)It is the DESIRE TO BE RICH AND THE LOVE OF MONEY that is the root of ALL KINDS OF EVIL! Some people have a seared conscience and are void of emotions when they are pursuing money and a higher status in life.

There is now a new trend in society that when someone gets married, it is more for money and status than for genuine love. A need to marry up and despising the poor. This is one of the ways and desires to get rich quickly. It is established and built on a conditional love that comes with its rights, privileges and conditions. This kind of marriage will not last during challenging times, especially when there is a loss in wealth, status or class. Nowadays, the woman or man might even find a way to “jump ship” when the one he/she is on is sinking especially during this pandemic! There is also a tendency to commit adultery when the marriage is not established on genuine love and commitment. This is a betrayal regardless whether it comes as a result of a loss in wealth, status or class or just purely the lust of the flesh to have someone else in life in order to have a better financial security. It is like a trade! There will be emotional scars and sorrows. Therefore, if you are single, you might want to take time to figure out what you really want out of a marriage relationship.

The social media is also a huge influence in our lives especially on the young people of today. Some have made millions of dollars if they have a huge following, but it has also brought sorrows in their pursuit to be recognized. We live in a culture where we crave affirmation, attention and love through the number of ‘likes’, ‘loves’, roses and good comments left on our social media. It has developed a stronghold in our lives regardless whether we believe it or not. Some people say that the social media platform is an avenue for us to boast about our lifestyles, achievements, possessions, associations and the class we belong to in society. We are never content unless we have new and better things to post in order to attract more friends, admirers and supporters! It has become like an idol worship in our lives. Some desire to be an internet star or sensation! Young people have committed suicide or gone into depression because of the lack of affirmation, ‘likes’ and ‘loves’ on their social media and of course it doesn’t help when there are internet bullies.

In order not to live a life of sorrow during the course of our lives, on our deathbeds or at worst case in eternity, we need to make a conscious decision to live our lives very differently now. Our identity should be grounded in Christ and not possessed by the world.

Sermon Series – Balancing Godliness and Riches (Part 2)


提摩太前书 6:10 贪财是万恶之根。有人贪恋钱财,就被引诱离了真道,用许多愁苦把自己刺透了。



社交媒体在我们生活中也产生了巨大影响,尤其对当今的年轻人。有些人因在互联网上拥有大量的追随者而已赚了几百万美元,但在追求受众认可时也带来了许多愁苦。我们生活在这样的一个文化之中,人们渴望通过在社交媒体上留下的 “点赞”、“喜爱”、“玫瑰”和好评的数量,来获得肯定与认可。无论我们相信与否,它在我们生命中已形成坚固的营垒。有人说,社交媒体平台是让我们炫耀自己的生活方式、成就、财富、社群以及所属社会阶层的一个途径。除非我们一直都有新的和更好的东西可以发布在网上,以吸引更多的朋友,崇拜者和支持者, 否者我们永远都不会满足!这在我们生命中已成为一种拜偶像。有些人渴望成为一名网红明星或在网上引起轰动! 由于个人社交媒体上缺乏受众认可度、“点赞“ 和 “喜爱”,再加上网络欺凌者的存在,导致不少年轻人走上轻生之路或陷入了抑郁。


讲章系列 – 平衡敬虔和富足 (第二部分)