0127-Persecuted but Not Forsaken 被逼迫但不被遗忘

Many of us will go through trials and tribulations at different stages of our lives but our stories will never be the same. We will be able to testify without reservation that God was and still is with us in the midst of our sufferings. His grace is sufficient for us. There are different kinds of suffering in this world but it is the same Lord who is always present with us during our times of anguish.2 Corinthians 4:7-9,13-14 (NKJV) But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us. We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed….And since we have the same spirit of faith, according to what is written, “I believed and therefore I spoke,” we also believe and therefore speak, knowing that He who raised up the Lord Jesus will also raise us up with Jesus, and will present us with you.

The Apostle Paul quoted from Psalm 116:10 (NKJV) which reads as ‘I believed, therefore I spoke, “I am greatly afflicted.”’ Psalm 116 is a prayer of those who were suffering terribly but they trusted in God and were delivered. Paul had the same conviction that God in His faithfulness and goodness, will be present in the midst of suffering and will deliver us. If we have this same conviction in our hearts, we will also speak forth what we believe. However, if we don’t have this conviction in our hearts, then we may speak of unpleasant things that are not edifying.

We can also choose not to go through unnecessary sufferings due to the work and lust of our flesh. The flesh is the sum of appetites that wants to live independent of God as a believer. We will make poor choices and spend time with the wrong company, and these will bring suffering! If our suffering is a result of reaping what we have sown in life, then we need to repent before God and walk in the same direction as God. We have to ensure that this is done and followed through, with or without deliverance from the Lord. The Lord is not mocked because a man reaps what he has sown. If we sow to the flesh, then we will of the flesh reap corruption but if we sow to the Spirit then we will reap everlasting life (Galatians 6:8). That is why we have been exhorted to walk in the Spirit!

There will be sufferings and tribulations as long as we are in our earthen vessels (i.e our bodies) because we live in a fallen and broken world. Unfortunately, we have this tendency to think that the universe revolves around us and everything is about us. We need to have a paradigm shift that God’s glory will be revealed when we exit from the suffering especially when He is with us throughout the entire process. He will get all the glory when we are delivered from the situation. We need to take heart that He has not left us nor forsaken us even though we might feel as though we are in the fight alone. God is present with us regardless of our feelings. He cannot deny Himself to be a faithful God. Therefore, we need to continue to speak from the conviction of our hearts as we go through the trials and tribulations on earth.

Sermon Series: I Believe Therefore I Speak


我们中的许多人将在人生的不同阶段经历试炼和苦难,但我们的故事将永远不会相同。 我们将能够毫无保留地见证上帝在痛苦中与我们同在。 祂的恩典够我们用 。这个世界上有各种各样的苦难,但在我们痛苦的时期,总是与我们同在的是同一位主。

歌 林 多 後 書 4:7-9,13-14 7 我 们 有 这 宝 贝 放 在 瓦 器 里 , 要 显 明 这 莫 大 的 能 力 是 出 於 神 , 不 是 出 於 我 们 。8 我 们 四 面 受 敌 , 却 不 被 困 住 ; 心 里 作 难 , 却 不 至 失 望 ;9 遭 逼 迫 , 却 不 被 丢 弃 ; 打 倒 了 , 却 不 至 死 亡 。… 13 但 我 们 既 有 信 心 , 正 如 经 上 记 着 说 : 我 因 信 , 所 以 如 此 说 话 。 我 们 也 信 , 所 以 也 说 话 。14 自 己 知 道 那 叫 主 耶 稣 复 活 的 , 也 必 叫 我 们 与 耶 稣 一 同 复 活 , 并 且 叫 我 们 与 你 们 一 同 站 在 他 面 前 。

使徒保罗从诗篇116:10 引述为:“我因信,所以如此说话,“我受了极大的困苦。”诗篇116是那些遭受极大苦难但他们信靠上帝并得到释放的人的祷告。 保罗有同样的信念,就是上帝在他的信实和良善中,将在苦难中与我们同在并拯救我们。 如果我们心中有这样的信念,我们也将说出我们所相信的。 但是,如果我们心中没有这种信念,那么我们可能会说出不能建造人的不愉快的事情。

我们也可以选择不因肉体的欲望和工作而遭受不必要的痛苦。 肉体是作为信徒却想要独立于上帝而生活的欲望的总和 。 我们将做出错误的选择,并与错误的人交往,这些都会带来痛苦! 如果我们的苦难是收获我们所播种的结果,那么我们需要在上帝面前悔改,并朝着与上帝相同的方向走。我们必须确保要遵循到底,无论有没有主的拯救。 神是不能被轻慢的,因人会收割自己所种的。 如果我们顺着情欲撒种,那么我们必从情欲收败坏,但是如果顺着圣灵撒种,那么我们将从圣灵收永生(加拉太书6:8)。 这就是为什么我们被劝告要在圣灵中行走!

由于我们生活在一个堕落而破碎的世界中,只要我们还在土制的瓦 器(即我们的身体)中,就会有痛苦和磨难。 不幸的是,我们倾向于认为宇宙围绕着我们旋转,并且一切都是关乎于我们的。 我们需要进行一个观点转变,即当我们摆脱苦难时,尤其是在整个过程中祂与我们同在时,上帝的荣耀就会显现出来。 当我们摆脱困境时,祂将获得所有荣耀。 我们需要振作起来,即使我们可能觉得自己独自一人在战斗,但祂没有离开我们也没有抛弃我们。 无论我们的感受如何,上帝与我们同在。 祂不能否认自己是一个信实的神。 因此,在经历世间的试炼和苦难时,我们需要继续坚定地表达自己的信念。

讲章系列:我因信, 所以如此说话