0123 – Uncertain Riches 无定的钱财

What are the uncertain riches that we have grown to trust? COVID-19 has brought out very clearly regarding what the uncertain riches in this world are. According to the World Bank, COVID-19 has infected more than 27 million people and dragged us into the deepest recession since World War 2. The global economic output will shrink by 5.2% and major advanced economies will shrink by 7% due to poor domestic demands. Those who have invested in high risk investment products would have seen much of their wealth affected. In fact, everything is so volatile, the only constant is change but it goes without saying that God changes not. Therefore, we should take this opportunity to make adjustments in our lives if we are still putting our trust in uncertain riches and have not put our full trust and faith in God who gives to us all things to enjoy!1 Timothy 6:17(NKJV) Command those who are rich in this present age not to be haughty, nor to trust in UNCERTAIN RICHES BUT in the LIVING GOD, who gives us RICHLY all things to enjoy. (emphasis added)

It does not mean that we shouldn’t invest our money in order to have good returns, because as Christians we are supposed to be good stewards of God’s money. Seeking God’s face and His blessings before proceeding with an investment is one of the ways of denying ourselves.

Most often, we have the tendency to quickly jump into a seemingly good opportunity without seeking the Lord first and then having to pay dearly for the consequences. If we are honest with ourselves, we might have completely ignored the warning of the Lord as we made the decision to invest. There are couples who quarrel and have division over an investment opportunity. The solution is to seek the face of God together so that there will be an agreement. It will be easier to believe God when we are ONE in heart and mind with the Lord and between the couple.

There are many opportunities to acquire companies during this period through the purchase of their shares or buying over a company especially some well-known brands. Some people will even take advantage of the low interest environment to take a huge loan from the bank to purchase the companies. The economic stress brought about by COVID-19 is worse than the 2008 recession and therefore, many companies are having cash flow problems. What was initially purchased at a good price and considered a very good investment to help the person become rich quickly may turn out to be the downfall of that person. The economic situation can move upwards or downwards because we are dealing with a virus and not purely an economic downturn like 2008. The creditors who moved in to secure the assets are merciless. Therefore, it is better to pray and seek the Lord before pursuing the option to invest because it is the Lord’s money and He knows the future.

As a believer, there is absolutely nothing wrong to invest, develop and maintain a business as long as we consecrate our lives to God. TRUSTING in the LIVING GOD includes seeking His opinion before any decisions are made.

Sermon Series – Balancing Godliness and Riches (Part 2)


成为我们所信靠的无定的钱财是什么? COVID-19非常清楚地向我们展示了这个世界上无定的钱财是什么。根据世界银行的数据,COVID-19已经感染了2700多万人,并将我们拖入了自二战以来最严重的经济衰退。由于国内需求减弱,全球经济产出将萎缩5.2%,主要发达国家经济体将萎缩7%。那些投资高风险投资产品的人会看到他们的大部分财富受到了影响。事实上,一切都是如此无常,唯一不变的是变化。但不用说,神是不会改变的。因此,如果我们仍然信靠无定的钱财,却没有完全信靠厚赐百物给我们享受的神,我们就应该抓住这个机会来调整我们的生活。






讲章系列: 平衡敬虔和财富 (第二部分)