A Purposeful life – Women of Faith Conference

Date & Time 时间: 28 October 10月28日 9am to 5pm
Venue 地点: Function Room 6, 3F Marriott Hotel Hongqiao 虹桥万豪大酒店3楼多功能厅6号厅 (2270 Hongqiao Rd, Changning District 虹桥路2270号)
Cost 费用: RMB150/adult姐妹; RMB80/child孩童 (Lunch included 含午餐)

*Chinese interpretation provided 提供中文翻译
** Children’s program provided 提供主日学

Guest Speaker: Barbara Wentroble
Barbara Wentroble is the founder of Breakthrough Business Leaders, Breakthrough Business Network and International Breakthrough Ministries, a strategic alliance for visionary leaders. She is the author of nine books, including Empowered for Your Purpose. She and her husband, Dale, reside in Lantana, TX. They are the parents of three adult children and have eight grandchildren.
This conference will prepare you to step into a higher dimension of who God has made you to be. You can remove an old identity and rise with a fresh warrior mantle in intercession. It is time for women of God to arise and walk in the full purpose of God’s plan for your lives!

客座讲员:芭芭拉·温特罗布(Barbara Wentroble)
芭芭拉·温特罗布(Barbara Wentroble)是“突破性商业领袖协会”(BBL, Breakthrough Business Leaders)也是“国际突破性传道协会”(IBM, International Breakthrough Ministries)的创始人,这些都是针对异象领袖们的策略联盟协会。芭芭拉出版九本著作,包括“Empowered for Your Purpose,暂译:为你的目的加力”。芭芭拉和她的丈夫戴尔Dale住在美国得克萨斯州的兰塔纳,育有三名子女和八名孙辈孩子。