“Popular in Heaven and Famous in Hell” (天堂尊荣 地狱战兢)by Dr RT Kendall

Popular in Heaven. Most people want to be popular – but where? On earth. With friends. To be admired. Appreciated. To get their approval.  But I want to be popular in Heaven – with God’s approval and honor.
Famous in Hell. Jesus was famous in Hell. The demons knew who He was, they feared Him. Paul was famous in Hell. The demons knew who Paul was – he was a threat to Satan’s interests. But am I famous in Hell? Am I a threat to the devil? Do I do things that cause him to be aware of me? I’d rather be famous in Hell than famous on the earth.
John 5:44 – MY LIFE VERSE – is huge in this study: wanting the honor from God rather than from people.

天上得尊荣。大多数的人都渴望受人欢迎 – 但是在哪儿呢? 在世界上,被朋友拥戴,受人抬举,被人珍惜,得到众人认同。而我只想要在天上受欢迎 – 得到上帝的肯定和尊荣。
地狱都战兢。耶稣在地狱很有名。魔鬼知道祂是谁,牠们都惧怕祂。保罗在地狱很出名。魔鬼知道保罗是谁 – 他是撒但诡计的威胁。而我是否在地狱很有名呢?我是不是恶者的威胁呢?我的作为是否让魔鬼认识我呢?我宁愿使地狱战兢,胜过在世上享有名望。

Date : 1st December 2018
Time : 9 am to 5 pm
Venue : ICS Church Office Function Room (Please take note on the change of venue)
Cost: Adults/Youth 150rmb, Children 6-12yrs old 100rmb, Children 5yrs old and below FREE

日期与时间:12月1日2018年 【上午9点至下午5点】
地点:教会办公室多功能室 (请留意地点已跟换
费用:成人与青少年 150rmb,孩童 6岁-12岁 100rmb, 孩童5岁以下 免费

– There will be children’s program 提供儿童活动
– There will be Chinese Interpretation 提供中文翻译