EMPOWER Conference 2018

Be empowered through the teaching of the Word of God and fellowship with the Holy Spirit.
Be strengthened in your identity in Christ, wisdom of God, and empowered with spiritual gifts.

The Empower Conference includes a total of 8 empowering sessions by Rev. Bobby Conner and Pastor Naomi Dowdy.
增添力量研讨会*包括8场增添力量课程,由Bobby Conner牧师和Naomi Dowdy牧师主持。

It also offers four (4) workshops, in which you can choose two (2) when you register

1st Day Workshop 第一天工作坊:
Workshop 1A by Pastor Naomi Dowdy – “Finding Purpose in my Work”
工作坊1A由Naomi Dowdy牧师主持 – “在我的工作中找到目的”
– or 或 –
Workshop 1B by Rev. Bobby Conner – “Gifts of the Holy Spirit”
工作坊1B由Bobby Conner牧师主持 – “圣灵的大能”

2nd Day Workshop 第二天工作坊:
Workshop 2A by Pastor Naomi Dowdy – “Re-Thinking Work-Life Balance”
工作坊2A由Naomi Dowdy牧师主持 – “劳逸结合的反思”
– or 或 –
Workshop 2B by Rev. Bobby Conner – “How to Walk in Wisdom”
工作坊2B由Bobby Conner牧师主持 – “行在智慧中”


ADULT (成人) – RMB 60.00
YOUTH 青少 (13-18 岁 yrs old) – FREE
KIDS 儿童 (4 -12 岁 yrs old) – FREE