A Purposeful life – Women of Faith Conference

Date & Time 时间: 28 October 10月28日 9am to 5pm Venue 地点: Function Room 6, 3F Marriott Hotel Hongqiao 虹桥万豪大酒店3楼多功能厅6号厅 (2270 Hongqiao Rd, Changning District 虹桥路2270号) Cost 费用: RMB150/adult姐妹; RMB80/child孩童 (Lunch included 含午餐) *Chinese interpretation provided 提供中文翻译 ** Children’s program provided 提供主日学 Guest Speaker: Barbara Wentroble Barbara Wentroble is the founder of Breakthrough Business Leaders, Breakthrough Business Network and International Breakthrough Ministries,…

圣诞飨宴 Christmas Banquet (12月10日)

请线上预定您的票,并在主日圣诞飨宴柜台付款时领取您的票 Please book your tickets online, and collect them upon payment on Sunday at Christmas Banquet counter.

G2 Mission Trip 短宣 (Thailand 泰国)

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations………(Matthew.28:19 ) 所以你们要去,使万民作我的门徒….(马太福音 28:19) This year , we will be partnering with Life Church Bangkok ( to hold Christmas outreach event in December in Thailand. Please arrange your time and join the mission trip with us. 今年我们将与曼谷生命教会 ( 一同在泰国举办圣诞外展活动。请挪出您的时间并加入我们吧! Date 日期: 18 – 25 December 12月18至25日 Estimated Cost 预估费用: RMB 7,000 /person人 *Flight ticket and land…