“Lead Others to the Glory of Christ”

Christians are called to lead each other into the maturity of Christ. There is always someone in the Body of Christ who is searching for help to grow further in Christian knowledge. Some of us may be called leaders on the level of cell groups or specific ministries in the church, others have God’s mandate to lead local congregations as pastors or apostles.

This Leadership series, focusing on principles of leadership in the church can help you to become a more effective leader in the Body of Christ. Strong Christian leaders are needed today and the church is never bigger than its leader. Enjoy the journey of learning more about leadership. Please proceed through the Introduction and the 10 lectures available via the available links below.

Print out or save the Study Guide and watch the respective Video Lecture. Then open the Study Questions and fill out the assignment. Send the assignment to discipleship@icshq.org. Repeat this procedure for every posted lesson from 1 to 10. After you send in the 10th assignment, your Servanthood series is completed! Congratulations!

1. The Study Guides
2. The Video Lectures
3. The Study Questions

How does the Disciple Track work? You can hear more about how we do Disciple Track in our church clicking on the link here. You can also go to our resources and download the Disciple Track overview of the different programs.



1. Introducing the Leadership series
2. Introducing the Pastoral Epistles


LESSON 1 – What Is Leadership

Contents A:
1. Leadership by Definition
2. Bringing People into God’s Plan
3. Leadership versus Management
4. Leadership as Influence
Contents B:

1. Transformed Lives
2. Five Levels of Leadership
3. Climbing the Leadership Ladder
4. Four Basic Areas of a Leader


LESSON 2 – Character of a Leader

Contents A:
1. Biblical Leaders
2. Leading People to God
3. Gateway to Church Growth
Contents B:

1. Leader as a Bottle Stopper
2. The Vision of Nehemiah
3. Nehemiah Leading People


LESSON 3 – How to Lead People

Contents A:
1. Bringing People to Higher Level
2. Eight Levels of Church Life
3. Gates Between the Levels
Contents B:

1. Gates to Leadership Levels
2. Four Basic Spheres of Ministry
3. Two Critical Transitions

LESSON 4 – Leadership Challenges

Contents A:
1. Overcoming Obstacles
2. Maturity of a Leader
3. Fighting Insecurity
Contents B:

1. Pride and Humility
2. The Issue of Criticism
3. How to Handle Criticism

LESSON 5 – Apostles and Prophets

Contents A:
1. The Five Ministry Gifts
2. The Apostolic Ministry
3. Apostles Today
4. Breaking the Ground
Contents B:

1. The Prophetic Ministry
2. What is Prophecy?
3. The Office of the Prophet
4. How to Discern Prophecies?
5. The Authority of the Prophets

LESSON 6 – Evangelists, Teachers, and Shepherds

Contents A:
1. The Office of the Evangelist
2. The Scope of the Evangelists
Contents B:

1. The Office of the Teacher
2. Teacher’s Function
3. The Office of the Shepherd
4. Shepherd’s Function

LESSON 7 – How to Minister the Spirit Baptism

. Baptism in the Holy Spirit
2. Preparation for the Spirit Baptism
3. Receiving the Fullness of the Spirit
4. Manifesting the Spirit on Outside
5. Speaking in New Tongues
6. After the Spirit Baptism

LESSON 8 – Ministering to the Sick and Oppressed

1. Salvation and Commitment
2. Prayer for Physical Healing
3. Prayer for Emotional Healing and Deliverance
4. The Alter Call Setting


LESSON 9 – Sensitive to the Divine Direction

Contents A:
1. What is Vision?
2. God’s Vision
3. Vision’s Benefits
Contents B:

1. Receiving the Vision
2. The Example of Habakkuk
3. What is Required From the Leader

LESSON 10 – Building a Church Together

1. Church as Living Organism
2. Church as Effective Organization
3. Church as God’s Army